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The Mens Winter Coat Buying Guide


The Mens Winter Coat Buying Guide

Winter is unkind to your wallet. To beat the deluge you need robust materials and quality construction. Which translates as money. But also, longevity.

As your summer wardrobe frays, those boots and heavy coats see off the years as easily as they do the weather. At least, they do if you spend wisely. And winters biggest budget buster comes with more pitfalls than most.

Material Boy

A winter jacket has to look good, suit your style, and be versatile, says Allie Williams, buyer at END Clothing. Alaskan dog sledders should rethink that lightweight trench. On the flipside, if you travel from central heated house to central heated office on a central heated train, you dont need fur.

For wet and mild British winters, midweight wool is plenty warm and lets air circulate when you get clammy. If youre often outside, coated cottons are the classic way to fight showers, while you could take an actual shower in polyamide and still stay dry.

Make It Rain(coat)

Your winter coat could feasibly get an outing every day for five months. For a decade. At which point, even a four-figure outlay becomes pence per wear. Of course, youve got to find the money for that Tom Ford overcoat in the first place, but assuage your buyers remorse knowing that, in a way, its cheaper than a T-shirt. In a way.

But how to make the most of your maths? Wool costs significantly more to craft than cotton, so spend accordingly. But that doesnt mean a cotton coat is less well made than a wool one. Many cheaper styles look good but arent built to suit their function, says Williams. Keep an eye out for taped seams, quilted linings, waterproof or treated fabrics and the quality of the manufacture.

Robust buttons and lining stitching are hints attention has been paid elsewhere. And that you wont be reinvesting next year.

Key Styles

That sleeveless lab coat off the Raf Simons runway might tempt your credit card, but unleash your inner Nostradamus before investing to ensure its a style thats going to stick around.

The smart money steers classic. The outerwear quartet below has stood strong for more than a century, so is unlikely to have drifted out of style by next winter. Meaning guaranteed returns.

The Pea Coat

Should you fancy emulating Steve McQueen and Ryan Gosling (and why wouldnt you?) reach for the sailors favourite. Pea refers not to veg, but the pilot cloth the coat was originally crafted from, then contracted to P-jacket by naval quartermasters. You may never wear one on deck, but the best are still storm-ready, built from heavy duty wool and feature an oversized collar to turn up against sea spray.

Its not one you want to mess around with too much, says Williams. It looks its best combined with simple, classic pieces. Because the hem sits below your suit jacket, the pea coat works with tailoring, but for weekends (or casual offices) stay nautical with a cable knit roll neck and heavy boots.

Urban navigators are well-served too. A pea coat always looks killer over a worn out denim jacket, says Kyle Parry, online sales manager at Goodhood. More shore leave than in the navy.

Lauded French designer Yves Saint Laurent elevated the pea coat to high fashion in the 1960s, and the label continues to stay true to its founders legacy: Saint Laurent make the best example of a pea coat Ive ever seen, says Williams. However, if you want something slightly more authentic, heritage labels Saint James and Armor-Lux should be your first ports of call – both produce some superb takes on the French Navy original.

Men's Pea Coat Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

Key Styles

  • J. Crew Regent Italian Cashmere PeacoatJ. Crew Regent Italian Cashmere Peacoat
  • Selected Wool Pea CoatSelected Wool Pea Coat
  • Uniqlo Men Wool Blended Pea CoatUniqlo Men Wool Blended Pea Coat
  • Saint Laurent Wool PeacoatSaint Laurent Wool Peacoat
  • Armour-lux 3706 Reefer JacketArmour-lux 3706 Reefer Jacket
  • Saint James Pavois CoatSaint James Pavois Coat
  • Reiss Sonnie Wool-rich Peacoat GreyReiss Sonnie Wool-rich Peacoat Grey
  • Club Monaco Double-breasted Wool-blend PeacoatClub Monaco Double-breasted Wool-blend Peacoat
  • Schott Classic Melton Wool PeacoatSchott Classic Melton Wool Peacoat
  • Ms Collection Lightly Padded Peacoat With WoolMs Collection Lightly Padded Peacoat With Wool
  • River Island Brown Smart Wool-blend PeacoatRiver Island Brown Smart Wool-blend Peacoat
  • Aquascutum Rowan Pea CoatAquascutum Rowan Pea Coat

The Trench Coat

The trench coat also served its time in the ranks, designed as a water-resistant alternative to the heavy wool greatcoat, which soaked up mud and rain in the trenches. It fulfils the same brief a century on, since its pressed wool or cotton poplin keeps you dry without weighing you down.

A trench coat is often the best option for versatility in winter, says Williams. One with taped seams will keep you dry and last you for years. Because most are unlined, youll need to layer up when its frosty, so make sure you pick one big enough to accommodate your heaviest knitwear. But that lack of warmth means more time out of storage; because its lightweight, you can still rock a trench over a T-shirt when the daffodils break through.

The go-to for a trench coat should be Mackintosh, says Williams. Incredible quality materials and manufacture make it one of the best jackets youll ever own. Although wed argue the original creators of the style Burberry or Aquascutum, depending on who you believe would give them a run for their money.

Keep an eye out for styles made from water-repellent gabardine if you desire full protection from the elements, and stick to neutrals to ensure it looks just as good worn over your suit as your weekend wardrobe. In my eyes, its great layered over a chambray shirt, crew neck, navy trousers and white sneakers, says Williams. More fashionable than fatigues.

Men's Trench Coat Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

Key Styles

  • Asos Trench Coat With Belt In StoneAsos Trench Coat With Belt In Stone
  • River Island Double Breasted Trench CoatRiver Island Double Breasted Trench Coat
  • He By Mango Classic Cotton Trench CoatHe By Mango Classic Cotton Trench Coat
  • Mackintosh Storm System Wool Trench CoatMackintosh Storm System Wool Trench Coat
  • Burberry London Mid-length Cotton-gabardine Trench CoatBurberry London Mid-length Cotton-gabardine Trench Coat
  • Sandro Double-breasted Cotton Trench CoatSandro Double-breasted Cotton Trench Coat
  • Aquascutum Corby Double Breasted RaincoatAquascutum Corby Double Breasted Raincoat
  • Reiss Globe Belted Jacket Airforce BlueReiss Globe Belted Jacket Airforce Blue
  • Best Of British For Ms Collection Pure Cotton Trench Mac With StormwearBest Of British For Ms Collection Pure Cotton Trench Mac With Stormwear
  • Mackintosh Full-length JacketMackintosh Full-length Jacket
  • Uniqlo Men Lemaire Trench CoatUniqlo Men Lemaire Trench Coat
  • John Lewis Co. Belted Trench CoatJohn Lewis  Co. Belted Trench Coat

The Down Coat

Once the preserve of men in environments where style was less of a concern than losing toes to frostbite, modern quilted outerwear is suited to both work and wilderness. This is due to an overall slimming of the silhouette, in part thanks to advancements in down the fine feathers that keep juvenile poultry toasty and offer you warmth without bulk.

Even if you dont wear yours for trekking across the Arctic tundra, look for explorer-approved elements; youll appreciate a weatherproof hood, taped seams and heavy duty zips when the clouds open at the bus stop.

This jackets natural home is with workwear. Try a full down parka with a grey sweatshirt, selvedge denim and hiking boots, says Williams. But pick muted colours and minimal detailing and they can still dress up, with a bit of sprezzatura. Mix it up with tailoring like the Italians do in Florence and Milan. A down coat will sit over your suit so long as its cut slim, and your tailoring is in a seasonal fabric like flannel.

And where should you start your buying expedition? Moncler, Stone Island, Canada Goose and Patagonia guarantee both warmth and quality, says Williams.

Men's Down-Filled Coats Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

Key Styles

  • Penfield Apex Tan Down ParkaPenfield Apex Tan Down Parka
  • The North Face La Paz Down Jacket With HoodThe North Face La Paz Down Jacket With Hood
  • The North Face Gotham Down JacketThe North Face Gotham Down Jacket
  • Uniqlo Men Ultra Warm Down CoatUniqlo Men Ultra Warm Down Coat
  • J. Crew Timothy Everest Down ParkaJ. Crew Timothy Everest Down Parka
  • Topman Ltd Black Premium Duck Down Parka JacketTopman Ltd Black Premium Duck Down Parka Jacket
  • Canada Goose Chateau JacketCanada Goose Chateau Jacket
  • He By Mango Feather Down Hooded CoatHe By Mango Feather Down Hooded Coat
  • Blue Harbour Warm Winter Parka Filled With Down Feather StormwearBlue Harbour Warm Winter Parka Filled With Down  Feather  Stormwear
  • Stone Island Garment Dyed Down Hooded JacketStone Island Garment Dyed Down Hooded Jacket
  • Moncler Montgenevre Degrade Prince Of Wales Checked Quilted Wool Down CoatMoncler Montgenevre Degrade Prince Of Wales Checked Quilted Wool Down Coat
  • Patagonia Down SweaterPatagonia Down Sweater

The Overcoat

Once super-formal, the overcoat now works with a hoodie and joggers as much as a suit. Its also barely changed in three centuries, so this seasons purchase will look just as good the next. The overcoat is seeing a bit of a surge in popularity at the moment, partially due to the exposure of the minimalist European style, says Williams. The best ones will be made of 100 per cent wool or cashmere, with silk linings and natural buttons.

AW15s anti-fit trend is precisely that a trend. Long-term, something that ends mid-thigh, in a slim-fit that can still accommodate a couple of bulky layers, is a better choice. As with tailoring, getting the shoulders right is key. The seams should sit slightly outside your arm so it wont look boxy with just a tee, or too tight when you layer up. Your tailor can fix anything else.

Pick a neutral colour and it can be slung over almost anything in your wardrobe. Worn with a suit is timeless, but a white button-down, jeans and minimal sneakers combination works equally well, says Williams. Or go the full Kanye with tapered joggers and an oversized hoodie. Oversized ego optional.

Almost every label and designer now produces their own take on this menswear classic, so be prepared to shop around. Reiss and Uniqlo offer some excellent value options on the high street, while British brand Crombie crafts such high quality designs that its name has basically become a synonym for overcoat in the UK.

Men's Overcoats Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

Key Styles

  • Crombie Wool Grey CoatCrombie Wool Grey Coat
  • Reiss Cormier Double-breasted Overcoat CamelReiss Cormier Double-breasted Overcoat Camel
  • River Island Brown Wool-blend Winter OvercoatRiver Island Brown Wool-blend Winter Overcoat
  • Uniqlo Men Lemaire Wool Cashmere CoatUniqlo Men Lemaire Wool Cashmere Coat
  • A.p.c. Herringbone Wool-tweed CoatA.p.c. Herringbone Wool-tweed Coat
  • He By Mango Inner Gilet Wool OvercoatHe By Mango Inner Gilet Wool Overcoat
  • Ms Collection Luxury Cashmere Camel Hair CoatMs Collection Luxury Cashmere  Camel Hair Coat
  • Jaeger Wool Cashmere CoatJaeger Wool Cashmere Coat
  • Theory Whyte Slim-fit Brushed-cashmere CoatTheory Whyte Slim-fit Brushed-cashmere Coat
  • Valentino City CoatValentino City Coat
  • Ami 3 Button Classic CoatAmi 3 Button Classic Coat
  • J. Crew Ludlow Topcoat In Italian TweedJ. Crew Ludlow Topcoat In Italian Tweed

Final Word

When looking for a good winter coat, quality is key. Skimp now and youll suffer the elements and another hit to your wallet next year.

The most formal environment youll ever wear your coat should dictate its style, and steering towards neutrals like navy, black and grey means it will work with everything from a coloured crew neck to a cobalt suit. Equally, block-colours mean you can sling it over patterns without becoming a walking migraine.

What do you think is the most versatile winter coat? And would you rather invest in quality, or pick up something new every year?

Share your thoughts and tips below.

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