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Car Choice: Sports car on a budget


Car Choice: Sports car on a budget


Mazda MX-5: one of the best handling and most easy to own sports cars ever built

Leisa Smith wants a stylish convertible and has up to £4000 to spend. She has previously bought from main dealers.

A car for the head

I know that Leisa leans towards sporty, so for that reason I have to go for the obvious choice and that’s a Mazda MX-5. It is hard to go wrong with one of these as a used car choice. Provided there is a full service history and the condition is good then Leisa won’t have a problem. Indeed, she can get on with driving one of the best handling and most easy to own sports cars ever built. For just over £3600 I found a very tidy 2006 2.0 litre model with full history and MOT.

A car for the heart

I know that Leisa would love to have a BMW Z4 and I think that would be an excellent choice. It remains a head turner after all these years. The sharp lines and the characterful BMW engine are a wonderful combination. I think that the 2.2 litre engine is a good compromise giving reasonable economy and plenty of responsiveness. There are plenty to choose from and a 2004 2.2i SE with a full service history over its 100,000 miles is a good start. Finished in silver with an electrically operated hood. It had just two previous owners.

bmw.jpgThe BMW Z4 remains a head turner

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