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Steven Soderbergh eying film about the Panama Papers


Steven Soderbergh eying film about the Panama Papers


It’s helping little to dispel ideas Hollywood has officially run out of ideas, yet studios have been eagerly delving into current events in an attempt to secure their next awards-buzz hit.

Almost the moment news dropped of history’s biggest data leak, the Panama Papers, reports started spreading that a yet-to-be-published book on the subject was being shopped around; with Secrecy World, penned by Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Jake Bernstein, set to be published in the latter half of 2017.

Deadline is now reporting the project may have already found its director; announcing Steven Soderbergh will be producing the film, with an eye to direct. The source is set to recount the lead up to a batch of leaked documents, unearthed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists Bernstein himself was part of, which implicated many high-profile figures, including David Cameron and Jackie Chan, in their use of offshore tax firms.

No doubt the cinematic adaptation will be hoping to follow the Oscar-nominated success of Adam McKay’s The Big Short, which focused on the housing market’s role in the 2007/8 financial crisis. Indeed, topically-focused films aiming to unmask the secretive and the elite are increasingly becoming a hot trend for studios; with Spotlight‘s Best Picture Academy Award honoring the journalists who uncovered the Catholic Church’s vast cover-up of systemic child abuse in the Boston area. 

Upcoming is Oliver Stone’s Snowden, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the CIA employee-turned-NSA whistleblower; with its release date pushed back to 16 September to qualify as an awards contender. 

Snowden Official Trailer

Now, just what do you want to bet Hollywood’s now busy working up a Brexit movie? 

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