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9 best Easter eggs for adults


9 best Easter eggs for adults


There’s no need to look on, green with envy, as children make light work of the delicious chocolate eggs heaped upon them this Easter. Here, we’ve rounded up the eggs more suited to an adult taste, ranging from intensely dark offerings to those filled with booze-flavoured truffles, so you can join in on the fun.

1. Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Easter egg: £11.99, Cocoa Loco


The swirling, marbled appearance of this egg is created by a blend of white, milk and dark chocolate. Not only does it look fantastic, it tastes marvellous too – not overly sweet and, as a result, perilously moreish. Created by a West Sussex-based chocolatier using single-origin cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, the remarkably thick-shelled egg is certified Fairtrade and organic.

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2. Artisan du Chocolat Balloon Egg, Milk: £24.99, Artisan du Chocolat


The edible strings attached to the bottom of this egg will take your back to your childhood, but the passion fruit flavouring of the milk chocolate is a contemporary twist.  . If, after devouring the egg, you’re still hungry, there are some mini eggs hidden in the packaging – flavours range from ginger coulis to banana nutmeg.

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3. The Chocolate Society Dark Monochrome Egg: £29.99, Selfridges


The delight is in the details with this egg, crafted in rural Somerset. The dark chocolate shell is covered by a very thin layer of white chocolate, which is then coated in black cocoa butter, giving it an almost felt-like feel. The taste is dominated by the dark contingent, which has a delicious intensity only discernible after a few seconds in the mouth.

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4. Lir Guinness Luxury Dark Chocolate Easter Egg: £19.99, Selfridges 


St Patrick’s Day might be the week before Easter but this marriage of two Irish brands is worth celebrating on the Sunday 27. You get Lir’s luxury chocolate in the form of a generously sized dark, velvety egg that hits the bitter-sweet spot. Then there are eight white and dark truffles filled with a creamy, Guinness-flavoured ganache. Both are delicious with a glass of the dark stuff, or a coffee if you’re feeling abstemious. 

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5. Divine Toffee and Sea Salt Chocolate Egg: £5, Divine


We’re big fans of Divine’s chocolate bars, so it’s no surprise that the Fairtrade chocolatier makes equally scrumptious eggs. This particular one is inspired by one of the most popular flavours in its range, the winning combination of toffee and sea salt.  

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6. Harrods Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg: £39.95, Harrods


The price you’re paying for this egg from high-end department store is explained in part by its painstakingly crafted appearance. The speckled, hand-painted exterior is striking, and the egg itself will please those who like sweet chocolate. An added bonus comes in the form of some small Gianduja chocolates tucked away inside.

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7. Prestat Red Velvet Truffle Easter Egg: £16, Prestat


Up there with the most luxurious eggs on our list, this from Prestat, which has a Royal Warrant, no less, is a sumptuous, fruity treat. The white chocolate adds a creaminess, contrasted by the tangy raspberry. Make sure you leave some space for the red velvet truffles inside.

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8. Betty’s Large Milk Chocolate Spring Flowers Egg: £49.95, Betty’s


You’ll probably have to enlist the help of fellow chocoholics to finish this one off – weighing in at 600g and standing 24cm tall, it’s a by far the biggest on our list. It’s no exaggeration to say that is a work of art, either, with its floral, hand-decorated exterior. Suffice to say, it tastes as good as it looks. 

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9. Green & Blacks Mint Chocolate Egg: £4, Sainsbury’s 


You get Green & Black’s velvety, intense 70 per cent cocoa dark chocolate infused with zingy organic peppermint oil packaged up in this small (165g) egg. It’s certified Fairtrade and we reckon it makes an ideal after-dinner treat.

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If you’re torn between buying an egg made of either milk, dark or white chocolate, Cocoa Loco has a delicious solution: a combination of all three. It looks fantastic, is suprisingly thick and, most importantly, tastes magnificent.

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