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Frankie Boyle compares Tory leadership contest to ‘choosing the antichrist’


Frankie Boyle compares Tory leadership contest to ‘choosing the antichrist’

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For every leadership contest, there is an inevitable chaos and ugliness which springs from contenders attacking each other and being questioned on their most controversial actions or views. 

The Conservative leadership contest is no exception, having already proved so messy it sparked Julius Ceaser betrayal-inspired ‘et tu Gove’ headlines on day two and the drop-out of the favourite to win before nominations were even declared. 

Just this morning the former chancellor Ken Clarke was caught on camera describing new favourite Theresa May as a “bloody difficult woman”, branding the idea of Mr Johnson ever becoming a prime minister “ridiculous” and claiming that a Michael Gove-led administration would leave the UK “at war with at least three countries at once”. 

Contenders have suffered criticism from the public and high profile figures, with Ewan McGregor calling Mr Johnson “spineless” for helping to secure a Brexit and then leaving the competition. 

Meanwhile, Frankie Boyle has compared the election contest to the choosing of an “antichrist” in one of the most scathing summaries yet. 

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In a sardonic comment piece for The Guardian, the comedian summarised the election as “a sort of X Factor for choosing the antichrist”. 

“Stephen Crabb has come under fire for links to a group that claims it can cure homosexuality, and, having had a quick look at him, he’s definitely cured me,” he writes. 

“The frontrunner, Theresa May, communicates something horrifying, not through her appearance, but rather her unique expression of unwavering, furious disgust. […] It is the expression Lucifer wore when the other angels attempted an intervention.”

Of Mr Gove, Boyle targeted his support, or potential lack-of. “Michael Gove needs to get 50 signatures, but at the moment he doesn’t look like he could persuade his mother to sign him off a cross-country run after a leukaemia diagnosis.” 

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