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13 best in-ear headphones


13 best in-ear headphones


13 best in-ear headphones

When choosing in-ear headphones it can be hard to differentiate between the products. We’ve put a range of buds to the test on the move from budget buys to top-of-the-range tech. All of these come in under £200.

1. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2: £20, amazon


These black and clear buds are moisture resistant, so they’re durable enough to use in the gym. They’re a great budget option for anyone who wants a stylish pair of earphones without compromising on quality. These are specially designed for comfort, with an off-axis to fit your ear canal better.

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2. Marley Chant: £23, amazon


Bob Marley’s message lives on with these headphones made from recycled plastic and aluminium. Not only do they produce a kicking sound, the wood housing reflects the brand’s ethical, laid-back vibe. The do come in black but these ones are harder to lose.

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3. Shoelace earphones: £20, John Lewis


They might not pack the same sound quality as the premium brands but these shoelace earphones are a cheap but rugged alternative for the kids who always yank and tug at the wire.

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4. Bower & Wilkins  C5 Series 2: £150, John Lewis


The latest model from Bower & Wilkins feature redesigned drive units for extra punch. They’re a great fit, though definitely carrying a price point to match. Tungsten weights counter-balance the buds, so they stay in your ears easier.

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5. Ted Baker Dover: £28, amazon


These are a great option for the commute. The closed-back in-ear design means they produce a nice warm sound with a rich bass. They come with a travel case, three sizes of ear buds and iOS users will like the smartphone remote which lets you switch between music and calls. Choose from four metallic shades.

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6. Shure SE215: £75, amazon


Fed up of your earphones breaking? These buds from Shure have a detachable reinforced cable allowing for an easy replacement in the unlikely event that they break. They give a great all-round rich sound and in our book, are worth spending on.

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7. Musical Fidelity EB-33: £28, amazon


You can easily tell which earpiece is which with these colour-coded buds, which come with a black and blue wire and a red and black. Despite lacking noise-cancellation technology they block out most everyday sounds and produce a clear warm sound.

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8. Monster iSport Strive: £40, John Lewis


Whether you’re an urban runner pounding the pavements or a mountain-biker braving the chilly winds, these earphones are ideal for you. They deliver great sound but allow for outside noise to still filter through – meaning you’ll still be aware of your surroundings. They have an original “sports clip” design to stay in your ear better and have a mic and remote, too.

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9. Jabra Sports Pulse: £99, amazon


The Jabra Sport Pulse might cost a lot, but they’re intelligent beasts.  The in-ear heart-rate monitor delivers clinical-grade accuracy so you know exactly how hard you’re pushing yourself. The companion app can function as a voice coach, motivating you to reach your goals and works on both iOS and Android.

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10. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear: £80, John Lewis


Sennheiser’s eye-catching buds provide a clear sound with a full, rich bass. A great pair for any audiophile. They come with an in-line remote and mic that’s optimised for either the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, though they will work on any phone or MP3 player.

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11. Bang & Olufsen H3: £149, amazon


 Designed by Jason Wagner, these in-ear headphones are made from premium materials and have a luxury finish, with each housing milled from a single block of aluminium.

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12. Atomic Floyd Superdarts: £218, amazon


Two speakers in each ear means these little buds produce a whopping sound with a deep, pumping bass. They’re discreet and the 2-way noise isolation means the latest Mumford & Sons song stays in your ears, rather than the tube.

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13. RHA T10i: £150, amazon


The T10i are made from stainless steel and feature handmade, high fidelity, dynamic drivers. They also come with changeable tuning filters to alter the sound, and include a 3 year warranty.
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Verdict: If you’ve got the cash and you’re into technology, the Jabra Sports Pulse are an interesting piece of kit that should help you kick-start your gym routine. But for the general user who doesn’t want to spend a complete fortune the Shure SE215’s rigid cable make for a particularly safe investment as well as producing great sound.

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