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9 best lip scrubs


9 best lip scrubs


We spend time prepping, buffing and smoothing the rest of our bodies, so our lips deserve the same exfoliating treatment. Handily, there are an increasing number of scrubs specially formulated for your pout. They can help keep lips soft, moisturised and free from dry skin. They also work as a primer before applying colour. Products range from scrubs you can simply lick off to lipstick-style products you can put on with no mess while on the go. We spent a week testing a range to see how they fared at keeping flaky and dry lips at bay. Generally apply this lot in circular movements and make sure you check how the brand recommends removing the product, as well as how many times a week it’s designed to be used. 

1. Kiko Lip Scrub Stick: £5.90, Kiko Cosmetics


This good-value option from the Italian brand looks like a classic stick lip balm, but really it is a primer to prepare lips for colour. The formula, delicious smelling sugary crystals on a shea butter base, gently exfoliates away any dry skin and leaves lips soft. Apply in circular motions and wipe off any excess with a tissue. 

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2. Clinique Sweet Pots: £15, John Lewis


With packaging designed to look like yummy macaroons, this lip scrub and balm duo is a neat two-in-one, both tinted the same colour. It comes in six shades ranging from coral to deep purply pink. The fine granule exfoliator contains avocado and grapeseed oil to nourish and we found it light enough to use daily. Apply the scrub first, dab off, and follow up with the glossy balm to soften.  

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3. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: £5.50, Lush


Here’s one for bubblegum fans. With its fluorescent colour and sweet smell, you won’t be able to help but lick your lips, and this one is ingestible, saving you the task of wiping it off. The chunky caster sugar granules are sure to get rid of any dead skin and the organic jojoba banishes rough patches. Also comes in mint and popcorn flavours if Hubba Bubba was never your sweet of choice. 

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4. E.l.f studio lip exfoliator: £4.50, E.l.f Cosmetics


US brand Eyes Lip Face (also known as e.l.f) offers beauty products at bargain prices that look and feel like premium offerings. This gentle exfoliator is no exception. With extracts of vitamin E, avocado and shea butter, it makes an ideal daily-use option if you suffer from flaky lips. Apply onto damp lips in a circular motion before wiping off and applying balm or lipstick. 

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5. The Body Shop Lipscuff: £8, The Body Shop


Encased in a handy little lipstick-size holder, this lightly mint-scented product doesn’t need washing off and exfoliates at the same time as moisturising. It’s a great primer for getting rid of any dry skin and preparing them for lipstick. We just wish it lasted slightly longer for the price. 

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6. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: £19, Fresh


From the US cosmetic company Fresh, this effective treatment’s made from natural ingredients. Brown sugar crystals gently exfoliate and polish lips, while shea butter and jojoba oil nourish. You only need a tiny bit of this scrub, making it worth its price tag. Use a couple of times a week and rinse off with a damp cloth. 

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7. Ilia Balmy Nights Stick: £22, Naturismo 


Another one in a handy stick form, this exfoliator is made with organic ingredients. They’re combined with tiny granules of volcanic stone which gently exfoliate lips, leaving them super soft. The coarse scrub is very effective in banishing dry skin and you only need to use it a few times a week, so although pricey, it will last. It has a non-greasy, moisturising finish – but wipe off with a tissue and finish off with your favourite balm.

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8. Bliss Fabulips Pout Polisher: £14, Feel Unique


This contains sweet sugar in the exfoliator and walnut shell and jojoba for soft lips and has a high moisture-to-scrub ratio.  Another one that needs wiping off, the effective vanilla and orange-scented scrub also helps colour stay on lips for longer.

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9. Rodial Lip Scrub: £24, Harvey Nichols


Easy to apply, this sleek lip scrub contains vitamin E and mango extract for the smoothest lips and helps stop chapping. Turn the end to release the clear scrub from the white foam applicator tip for a mess-free application. It also smells pretty nice too.

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The Rodial lip scrub is so easy and quick to use, with no cloths or tissues required, making it great for people on the go and the lazier ones among us. But for a cheaper option, the Kiko lip scrub does exactly what it says on the lovely pink packaging. For a really good exfoliate Lush’s scrub works really well.

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