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Socks with sandals: faux-pas or fashion forward?


Socks with sandals: faux-pas or fashion forward?


Tracking down city-appropriate foot wear for summer can be a tricky business. When the sun does shine, getting some fresh air to your feet should be a god-given right. Relying on the flip-flop is not an option for town; instead it is the humble sandal, in all its many incarnations, that wins out almost every time.

Sandals were in abundance at the Spring/Summer 16 menswear collections but this time around the models wore theirs with socks. With thick-ribbed versions at Marni and fine-knit at Versace and Margaret Howell, what was once the very definition of a fashion faux pas – and so beloved of geography teachers on field trips – has reached the very height of fashion.

While there might be some fringe benefits to slipping on a sock with your pool slider or Teva sandal – wear them with swanky cashmere socks as the temperature drops or hide gnarly toenails from public gaze consigning pedicures to the dustbin – the jury is still out as to whether this look is to be attempted by us all..

Why? Well, despite being city-appropriate, you have to ask yourself if they’re age-appropriate too. Even with the best will in the world, if you’re pushing 30 then you’re too old to pull this off with any sort of panache. To have any degree of success, you have to be in your salad days, so at least then you can look back on this particular foible and chalk it up to youthful exuberance.

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