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Amy Schumer: Live in the Apollo round-up: Trainwreck actress hits out at being labelled a ‘sex comic’


Amy Schumer: Live in the Apollo round-up: Trainwreck actress hits out at being labelled a ‘sex comic’


Hollywood has had a beating within the last week, with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Rooney Mara all levelling critique in the film and television industries natural sexism.

Amy Schumer has once more waded in to the debate, telling a crowd at her Live In The Apollo show the only real reason she’s labelled a ‘sex comic’ is due to her gender.

“I’m labelled a sex comic, like that’s in interviews, and individuals are like ‘So you discuss sex?’ and i believe it is because I am a woman.

“I seem like a man could emerge here and pull his dick out and individuals would say ‘Oh, he’s a thinker.’”

She ongoing to criticise authors who portray women as getting to ‘put track of sex’ while males are viewed as loving it.

“I imagine that sex is described improperly so far as men and women’s roles goes,” she told the Apollo audience. “Like we are all in all ‘men love sex and ladies just cope with it.’

“Like every article, every sitcom it certainly is the man returning home like “honey what about tonight huh?” and she’s always like ‘blah, you realize I personally don’t like your d***. Laundry, laundry.’”

“It’s insane, I’m not sure any women like this. Every girl I understand likes getting sex.”

Schumer has frequently tackled industry sexism in her own sketches, specifically in her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer. One episode famously parodies the classic film 12 Angry Men, using the debate rather focussing on whether she’s ‘hot enough’ to be TV.

In the Apollo gig, placed on by Cinemax and directed by Chris Rock, the comedian also spoke about model Kate Upton: “I saw Kate Upton and that i understood she wanted to speak to me because beautiful women love funny women. They believe we’re like clowns.”

Amy Schumer lately appeared because the lead in Trainwreck, alongside Bill Hader.

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