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Exactly what the Titans Club Summit Accomplished


Exactly what the Titans Club Summit Accomplished


In the 28th-30th April a historic moment in the realm of global conservation was accomplished when three African heads of condition, 98 business leaders, key influencers and conservation experts were introduced together with regards to making certain the next for tigers and also the landscapes they rely on, forever.

The Titans Club Summit accomplished:

1. Political Will: The four Giants Club Presidents of Kenya, Gabon, Uganda and Botswana announced major conservation interventions for the protection and management of their elephants in support of the Elephant Protection Initiative.

2. Technical capacity: These conservation interventions centre on the protection of elephants in the wild, the management of human-elephant conflict, and smart new ways to fund the maintenance of key elephant refuges.

3. Financial Resources: Financiers and donors pledged more than $5 million in funding to support the implementation of these new conservation interventions.

4. Key influencers: In total, over 200 delegates attended including African governments, senior delegations from the US, Europe, China, Russia, the United Nations, leading financiers and philanthropists, conservation experts, as well as celebrity influencers.

Together, the Giants Club member states are home to more than half of Africa’s remaining savannah elephants, and three quarters of its remaining forest elephants. Actions agreed at the Summit will give these populations the greatest chance to thrive for generations to come.

To watch a video summarising the Summit and what it achieved, click here.

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