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Brexit: EU politician doesn’t think the United kingdom is ever going to really leave the union


Brexit: EU politician doesn’t think the United kingdom is ever going to really leave the union


Britain won’t finish up departing the Eu despite voting for Brexit, based on Austria’s finance minister.

Hendes J?rg Schelling stated he was confident there’d be 28 member nations within the EU in five years’ time.

He told German business newspaper Handelsblatt that European leaders were talking about “all possibilities” from Britain residing in the union to “a free-trade agreement in line with the Swiss or Norwegian model”.

However Mr Schelling also recommended the Uk could split up as Scotland and Northern Ireland – who chosen for Remain – could decide to remain people from the EU while Britain do it yourself.

The Leave camp won a narrow victory within the referendum on Britain’s ongoing membership from the EU but there has been some questions regarding the legitimacy from the result.

The Government’s own lawyers have told the minister accountable for Brexit, Oliver Letwin, that it may trigger Article 50 from the Lisbon Agreement, which starts the formal exit process, while using royal prerogative and without parliamentary approval.

However, next, MPs would still need to election to repeal the ecu Towns Act 1972 to be able to leave the EU, the Government’s lawyers believe.

Meanwhile, the previous Attorney General, Dominic Grieve MP, told certainly one of his constituents another referendum election could be legal if public opinion moved considerably against Brexit.

He stated even though the first referendum should be “treated with respect” it wasn’t always absolute.

Greater than 4 million individuals have now signed a petition around the Government’s official website with another referendum since the turnout was under 75 percent.

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